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What Is a Landing Page

Digital marketing, as known as inbound marketing, couldn’t miss two matter of networking pages that used as main construction to build the great marketing. These are two pages known as Landing Pages and Homepages, that couldn’t be separated side by side. Homepages are could be a familiar matter according to useful terminology with the digital network expansive all around and the entire the world. The people knew the homepage as soon as digital networking known and used as information sources.

At the digital marketing, the homepage is the first aim that user or consumers arrive before they know any purposed offers or selling. The purposed offers of digital marketing placed at The Landing Pages. If there’s anything generally informed and no visitor or consumer’s action gained on a Homepage, to gain those actions is exactly the meaning of what’s are Landing Pages use for.

Landing Pages is an arrived page that specifically wanted on a marketing page such as a promotion product or any offers to visitors or costumers. A landing page would be the mindset marketing that user was seeking it that’s containing a product with the price and more specification, promotion offers, more option of actions, upgrading memberships and relationships, etc.

A Landing Page could be an explanation of the goals, directly or indirectly, which competing against and the targets to reach of a digital marketing. To reach the high numbers of selling, to compete some similar products or market segmentation could be mentioned at a Landing Pages that the visitor make a decision to act as like as a marketer expected. A Landing Page as like as a goal to make. A Landing Pages although has a meaning how to compete other products and gaining target and consumer.

Knowing a Simple Difference between a Homepage and a Landing Page

To know the difference easily, let’s make a simple comparative matter that imaginary has a same query of Homepage and Landing Page. Make an example to get a simple meaningful about these matters by an exhibition. There is an exhibition it’s self and a lot of shops or seller joined on it. The exhibition is a homepage that accommodates many landing pages as could as an exhibition arrives the audients come to any shops indeed.

In other word, we could get a simple difference between a Homepage and a Landing Page as like as what’s arriving visitor or costumer and where the visitor or costumer arrived to. A market place should be a Homepage that’s containing many products and offers at the Landing Page.

A homepage of a digital marketing could many Landing Pages that containing its products, offers and many options that are shown by the buttons appear on a Landing Pages as like as “buy it”, “shop now”, “join it”, “get offers”, etc. Below are the product Landing Pages examples with:

Usually The Homepage should be identified as:

  1. A general page containing the entire information on a website
  2. Commonly should be a main page of a website
  3. There is some navigation buttons sorcery on many important contains

The Landing Pages should be identified as:

  1. Specific short pages with specific useful as like as offers, selling, etc.
  2. Pages that arrive the user or visitor has more directly focus on the single act as like as “buy now”, etc. according to the call-to-act (CTA) made for.

Two Types of Landing Pages

Landing Page is a final destination on a digital marketing. If there is any campaign, advertisements, product information, even a short message for digital marketing should arrived to a Landing Page that required a final action by user, visitor or consumer.

Landing Page has two types; Lead Generation Landing Pages and Click Through Landing Pages. Lead Generation Landing Pages purposed to gain the gen of digital marketing as like membership, costumers options, user upgrades and other relationships. The Click Through Landing Pages purposed to arrive to the product, offers, etc. that’s commonly needed to give information and a fast relationship in marketing purposes.

Lead Generation Landing Pages; Specification and Use for

This type is like a explanation page that contain a short, interesting and clearly offers to convert a visitor or to collects some leads directly. This type could contain a promo, getting newsletters with prices or some tickets of any other intensive conversions in gathering the leads. Basically this type could be to collect many visitors or costumer’s data with e-mail that used thorough membership or relationship.

The offer of the Lead Generation Landing Pages could be not a simple act by visitor or consumer. They purposed to fill some applicative forms or agreement that converts or upgrades them in relationship with a digital marketing. At the surface, the Landing Page should show more option of action buttons and choices.

A visitor and a member, for example, could be arrived to a difference Landing Page or some difference choices with many buttons appear on it. This Landing Page type made to perform some advanced actions that required on demand with some offers of digital marketing page.

Specification and Use for of Click Through Landing Pages

This type is a landing page contains some information about product or specification offers to visitor or customer. This page certainly serves and gives much information needed and should use a simple as known as call-to-action (CTA) button that connected to a registration or transaction as simple as choice to “buy it”, “choose now”, “shop now”, etc.

The offer of a Click Through Landing Pages just shows some information needed to gain visitor or consumer’s to give a single act once at the time. If the button is “shop now”, for example, much information shown is no more than any purposes to make visitor and consumer take a single action and then leaves the page as far as the offer finished by the action. This Landing Page type commonly used in a product selling page, a certainly choice action and any single action of termination offered.

How to Drive Traffic to Landing Pages

A Landing Page doesn’t have many changes could be discovered by visitors or even a costumer because it a different matter with a homepage structures and uses for. A Landing Page also doesn’t have open directly publishing resources with any search engine machine unlike the homepage. The Landing Page is like a temporary page, built in short time for short time too. Definitely, the Landing Pages are not potentially gain some organic traffic that made it placed as a top ranked by search engine and absolutely unnecessary except it placed on which it placed for a short time.

A gadget with some clear images and certainly mentioned specification that offered by an online shop is not enough resources or structures to be shown to the buyers as the target of marketing or shown on any search engine even at the last ranked list. Even if it searched directly whit all keywords on it, search engine wouldn’t recognize the page because it didn’t performed friendly with the search-engine-optimization (SEO). It’s positioned as a Landing Page that couldn’t prepare many resources but just short specific information with clear mentioned parts that are supposed to a single action or some short used for.

But anyway, the specification and any clear mentions on a Landing Page somehow are necessary to be shown to people and listed at the first ranked list on search engine. The goal of a digital marketing is not shorten as short as a Landing Page made for at a short time for short time is. To sell products in high numbers and in a long times are exactly the goal to reach on it. These short information need to shown to people too and it need to listed at high ranked list at search engine. It’s very important to spread the short information massively and have a long live existential offer.

These are some strategies to known to make a Landing Pages offered to many targets that based on two types of traffic, its paid traffics and free traffic. Both of types are have two behaviors that the traffic commonly used. These behaviors known as targeted and un-targeted traffics.

These are some ways to drive traffic to Landing Pages optimization:

1. Be a First Listed on Search Engine by Paid Search Traffic

Paid Search Traffic is search traffic that gained on any search engine by billing some payment to the resource that definitely owns the search engine. This payment could directly purpose the landing pages on the top of list on a search page, on advertisements or search campaign. Surely, this option requires more ability resources that are owned by a digital marketing as like as much funds.

Placed on the top list at search engine meaning more open potentially targets of visitor or consumers number whenever they don’t mind to seek the offers. A visitor could search some query about to fix the bike and just seeking the page that has top ranked of SEO mentioned how to fix the bike that’s unlike a Landing Pages could performs or friendly with. By billing a payment to get placed on the top of the top lists, even if the offer is not directly mention visitor’s expectation, the Landing Page absolutely gain the attention especially when it offers an alternative or exactly offer the matter that visitor seeks.

Paid Search Traffic is a simple way to gain search traffic on instant. There so many offers and choices at the provider Paid Search Traffic with many option and how many times appeared on the list. To use the Paid Search Engine surely must recognize the goal and how much gain profit. A low price product with low commodities absolutely unnecessary to get on Paid Search Traffic.

2. Paid Social Traffic; The Awesome Influencers and Unpredictable Spread

Social Traffic is non-targeted type of traffic behavior because the traffic is passively built. But somehow it is a super potential resource for a Landing Page to get traffic and it could be radically made a massive traffic as like as the influencers come benefits for someone they follow.

Paid Social Traffic is the billing that uses these potential resources. As same as Paid Search Traffic, Paid Social Traffic could be a campaign spreading on social media, or using a user with giant influencers following him. Once time a popular user shares the offer of a Landing Page, as much as the giant influencers offered.

To paid social traffic have many patterns of billing as like as:

  • Advertising on an user account
  • Advertising on the platform of social media
  • Offer the advertisement campaign with social media user, etc.

More Effective and Professional Impressive by Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns has a short resource and closed behavior that has big differential matter with search traffic or social traffic. An Email could be restricted by some users that targeted resources.

In other wise, this campaign should be more effective campaign with many strategies about sending campaign by mail. Email Campaign has potential segmentations according to:

  • More ability to reaches any targets of marketing
  • More effective than social media
  • More potential to personal communicative
  • More impressive users response as strong as professional purpose

To get Landing Page optimization by Email Campaign need some strategy and performing. At the first, surely should have to collect the bank data of email addresses with specific segmentation and it must a fresh collection.

Email campaign could be a potential marketing if it made with more attention at a several queries, as like as:

  1. Email open rates; It’s important to know how much mails are sent, how much targets open the mail, how much clicks at the link, how much shared the mail, etc.
  2. Avoid spam filters; knowing the important ways to make sure that the targeted email list are recognizing to accept the mail and to avoid any terms used by sales as like as “discount”, “buy”, “cash”, etc.
  3. Chose a perfect time to sent email
  4. Make an impressive subject line and the look of good designing Landing Pages

Spread Passively with Organic Search Traffic

Organic Search Traffic is search traffic that gathered without billing any payment to the resources that provide the engine search. This Traffic are depending on strong a Landing Page optimization was made. To gather the organic traffic is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).Bbuild SEO need many requirement as such as using niches, terms, structures and many requirement that commonly performed by a Homepage, not a Landing Page.

To get organic search traffic, a Landing Page needs to accompany a Homepage that exactly friendly with SEO. The specific offer doesn’t appear it’s self without joining a famous Homepage. A shoe for example, how great the matter of it’s, doesn’t mean anything on search engine except if it mentioned or accompanied with a good SEO Homepage. But a regular shoe could be placed on the top list of search engine when it come with a fabulous homepage or a marketer page.


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