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What is Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a strategy used in digital marketing intended to outreach the target audience on their gadgets through social media, apps, websites, emails, SMS, MMS etc. People are now a days widely using mobile platforms including smartphones and tablets to engross with brands. The advanced technology offers them everything on mobile devices which once available only on a desktop computer. Mobile marketing is the need of the time as the audience can satisfy their multiple requirements such as accessing their emails, purchase items from favorite stores, visit the websites and more over for communications.

Majority of internet users are depending on their smartphones. So marketing activities should be in an effective way to reach the product in customers. What is mobile marketing? It is the term for various online marketing techniques of companies used to get hold of their customers via smart phones. This marketing strategy is user friendly and location sensitive that can promote any kind of services among customers using network. Users are constantly spending their time with mobile gadgets. So there is a wide scope for using mobile marketing to promote your goods and services. Designing the content concerning the desire of the audience and updating trends are important in mobile marketing.

What are the types of mobile marketing?

No matter what your business is. Whether it is big or small, there is a mobile marketing strategy that will promote your enterprise. You can opt an accurate strategy from different types of mobile marketing that can enhance mobile marketing as suited for your venture. Select the better option from below.

SMS marketing

SMS marketing is the easiest and inexpensive way of mobile marketing. As in the form of text messages, companies can use SMS marketing to reach their customers. Consumers can able to get information about new products, costs, offers and so on. Advantage of this marketing strategy is abrupt interaction with the customers wherever they are. As messages are common in marketing you must ensure to execute well-planned SMS marketing. Otherwise consumers may mistake it as spam.

Mobile apps

It is sure that mobile apps are the best and popular method you can choose in mobile marketing. In mobile app marketing, emphasis is on involvement of customers and promotion of app. You can provide free or paid apps to the users according to your objectives. Customers can download your app and the better reward can retain them for long. You can alert the consumers through push notifications so that they can access it without opening the app. The main focus must be on keep their impression constantly by providing quality services. As mobile apps are launched by many of the companies sustain the credibility is inevitable in mobile app marketing.

Location-based marketing

Didn’t you searched for nearby services in your mobile phones such as hotels, theatres, hospitals or any other essential services? That is location-based marketing. You can easily find out the available cozy services with in your geographic location. It is targeted on small businesses located in a particular community. To attract the customers in the specific locality is possible through this mobile marketing by avoiding direct competitors. Reviews, SEO optimization and location tags are helpful to make the selection worthy.

Search marketing

If someone is looking for their needs using search engines, they will definitely go through search marketing. We can classify it as two- SEO and SEM. Former is gaining traffic through organic search and latter buying traffic through paid searches. Search marketing can be done if the website content is optimized for organic search results using key words. Customers are often searches and the strength of the SEO decides whether the key words are organically ranked.

As SEM is based on paid search efforts, it is different from SEO. It also can be noticed while your search on Google. Do you ever notice a particular box for some of the first listings that denote them as ads? These kind of search results are SEM.


It comes under SEM marketing. PPC is known as paid search or pay-per-click. PPC is an advertising process used in search engines. For PPC marketing, you have to pay the search engines like Google, Yahoo and so on to get permission to by-pass organic search results. As your business has to face a lot of competitions you can bid on particular keywords to rank those in top search results. SEO ranking is time consuming whereas budget and creativity is needed for SEM. To reach your products and services in customers, PPC is effective as billions of Google searches occurring each day.

QR codes

Quick Response (QR) codes are one of the major types of mobile marketing now a day. You might notice it in many products you use. All marketing materials are using this black and white boxes code which provides product details. Users get the detailed information by reading the code using mobile devices. By scanning or read the code by using mobile device, OR codes get activated. Generating QR code is very easy and free. It is an effective mobile marketing strategy as the users can get the content quickly with a simple scan.

Mobile marketing campaigns

In this digital world, use of mobile devices has exceeded desktop and majority of users spend time with lots of apps each day. Catching the attention of customers by make use of tactics of mobile marketing is inevitable to sustain your business. To meet the expectations of customer are challenging in this competitive marketing scenario. A single message can do a great impact on your customer. People are expecting innovative ideas from marketers capable to meet their needs. Mobile devices are unique in such a way that personalization is possible. There are various objectives and purposes in using mobile messages. You can promote the product via messages or you can pass information to the users about the new offers. So how can you create best messages for each occasion? Let us provide you some options.

Promotional campaign

Propagate the particular word about your deal or content is useful in mobile marketing campaigns. You can try multichannel promotional campaigns in the marketing strategy. This will be helpful and effective as some of the mobile marketing campaigns might be so common whereas others might be ground breaking. Observing various promotional campaigns regularly will give you effective ideas to make into practice.

Transactional campaign

Transaction messages send to the customers when the confirmation of service is needed. It often unmarks by your customers. Once they enter into an app for purchase, or making any change and updating details, an automatic text messages or email will be forwarded to confirm their action. The user will check the message only if necessary for their proceedings. So it is essential to make sure that your brand is being promoted through increasing transactional campaigns.

Onboarding campaigns

Long-term engagement of customers is as important as brand value. The users must get an idea about your company in its all extend. When the customers download the app of your company or checking the website, the target is to be impressed with brand value and make sure about sustaining the engagement. You can ensure their long-term engagement if you success to hold them in one week.

Location-based campaigns

By this mobile marketing campaign messages can be shared by leveraging the geographical information of the consumers. Location-based messages are very beneficial to some category of brands as it provide better customized experiences and deals that have aimed.

Mobile app marketing

Mobile app marketing is aiming app promotion and ensuring the users are engaged of downloaded app of your company. There are motley of parameters to take into consideration as the audience has varied goals and desires and accessing different mobile devices.

What are the two types of Mobile App Marketing?

App User Acquisition marketing is the way by which app developers find their target audience. It makes the users to choose the exact app they want. Over millions of apps in Google play stores, it is very tiresome to select your app. So the proper app marketing campaign only makes the process easy and leads your app in the limelight. App Store Optimization (ASO) makes your app more visible in the compacted market by optimizing title, keywords and category of your app.

The other mobile app marketing is Retention Mobile Engagement Marketing. Your app will be successful in the market only if the users hold it for long. On this marketing strategy customers engagement increases by push notifications. It uses to give alert or inform about special offers, app update or new features of the app.

How to do mobile marketing?

Mobile is a revolutionary invention which acquired a magnificent global attention. It is mostly consider as a communication tool for customers. In modern era the scope of this fascinating gadget is varied. Mobile marketing is indispensable for both online business and entrepreneurs. How to do mobile marketing? Here you have certain points to do mobile marketing. The first and most important thing is that make your site mobile-friendly as majority of customers are engaging on their mobile devices. The content you create must be suited for mobile users. When people search for essential services or product, they follow the key words someone has already searched. So ensure mobile search engine optimization (SEO). SMS marketing and site navigation are also helpful for mobile marketing.


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