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What is Display Advertising

if you tried to give a thought to the title, then your mind must have given you the slightest hint. It is so mundane and deeply indulged in your life that is been a part of the mental system. Display advertisement are the ads (Clickable graphic) that you daily encounter surfing the internet.

If you are hooked now then let us dive in deep.

What is display advertisement?

It is a clickable graphic in form of audio, video, image or flash; that you encounter daily while surfing internet, viewing a blog or using social media. These are recognisable ads that you encounter again and again if you have accepting cookies of a website. You will even see their advertisement while scrolling through a unrelated blog.

These used for the purpose of remarketing, which mean the advertisement are displayed to the old visitor. For example:-

You have a blog related to the Marketing and people who have already accepted the cookies of website. Now, they forget to click on the subscribe button and jump to some other site. In such case, your advertisement can remind them to visit and subscribe your website by displaying it.

Display advertisement mainly carries brand tagline. Thus, there purpose is more related to branding than commercial sale.

Display ads vs Native ads:

The concept we till yet were conceptualizing, it is quite opposite of the word Native ads. These ads unlike Display ads are not disguised by the human as an ad itself. It is also called google search AdWords. If you have ever searched on web and seen a recommendation below the search bar, at the top of the ranking page carefully. You might notice ad written before the title of that search.

These also appear in the recommendation feeds of the Facebook and Instagram. These disguised ads, ads that don’t look like an ad especially in a blog.

The purpose of Native ads is to increase reach. It would reach even to the customer who have not visit website yet.

Native Ads

Display Ads

They are the disguised form of advertisement

Appears as recommended feeds on social media or as a search result in google

they properly appear as Ads

They used for marketing

They are used for remarketing

they increase reach

They increase engagement

Used for purpose of selling

They are used for brand creation

Why should you include display ads in marketing campaign:

There wide range reason to use display ads but this is the one that you need to come across now.

  • Targeting potential customer: It will target the potential customers through remarketing design. Anybody visiting your site, will automatically start getting your advertisements, even if there anywhere in world wide web.
  • Reach: Due to its ability to target potential customer and tempt their sense of sight and hearing, it can expand your reach.
  • Branding: Due to higher reach many people get to see your taglines, logos and brand work. The stimulation of senses creates a brand Images in targets head.
  • Trackability: You get a brilliant dashboard all thanks to the google Adword. This dashboard can help you keep track of your engagements, reach, conversion rate and earning.

Types of display Ads:

On basis of fomat:

  • Banner ads: the rectangular block of clickable image that appears on the top, bottom or sides of the website. A best example will be amazon sale banners.
  • Interstital ads: these ads are webpages you will get redirected to before you get redirected to the original page you requested.
  • Rich text: the form of digital advertisement which appear in form of video, audio and clickable elements. like some kind of form appearing in form of image.
  • Video ads: it is in form of audiovisual stimulation that will tempt you click on it. These are widely present in youtube, facebook and Instagram.

On the basis of strategy:

  • Site Placement advertisement: here the user decides the website he/she will like to display ads on.
  • Remarketing advertisment : once the vistor has visted your site but has not been converted to your conversion goal. This type of ads will chase the visitor till he completes your conversion goal. Your conversion goal can be subscribing to your content.
  • Contextual advertisment: here ads are displayed on the relevant sites.

Creating and managing display campaigns in Google Ads:

Google ads network is a wide network that displays your display campaign all overc the google network. It means anybody who is searching on google or has a google app installed will view if he/she is using the google search engine.

This happen when people browse through the blog or use social media your targeted audience view your ad. The benefit of using the google ads is that everyone nowadays use google and google knows how strategically place ads infront of the right person at right time.

So lets take a look at the step you need to followup:-

Name the campaign

you will be making many czampaigns so do give a rrelavent name to your campaign that you can remember.

select location

you have to select the location where your ad will sound relevant. You can restrict ads evcen to local area. If your idea is to promote a product which is for the people in your town like moneyslot for Las Vegas or literature to brooklyn. A restricted ad is always better it saves your time and money. You can also select countries to target like a company selling wollen cloth can target cold countries.

Select languages

In google ad English is pre-selected as a language what you need to do is change your language according to your region or region of the other country. for example KFC wants to enter into Arabic like dubai than it should know arabic, but if it doesn’t know then google ads can country help .

Select bid strategy

Bid strategy determines how you pay user when some click on your ads. For a beginner like you it will be a little complicated, so simply, select miximise click and just spend the full budget. In case if you like to expriement youn can click on CPC bid. it will automatically tell you about the exact amount appropriate for you.

Select daily budget

There are two types of budgets— (a) accelarated (b)standard. The former will spent your miney like water. It is used keeping the short term goals in mind whereas latter is spend with keeping long term prespective and slowly spends your money.

Select ad rotation

People get bored of seeinhg the same ad twice or thrice on the internet. Thus, they end up discarding the ads. What worst can happen is your sales target or audience target will not be fulfilled. So, use ad rotation so that ad changes after your user sees the ad one time.

Select start and end date

You have to manually select the start and end date of the ads. Ads arec there for a specific duration and depends on your budget you spend.

Select devices

You have to select the devices you want to target. The device can bre cellphone, tablet or a cellphone.

Select frequency capping

Frequency capping refer to the times you want a your viewer to watch ad. It can be one, twice, thrice or five times and so on. you do this all with the google ads.

Select campaign url option

The Url is important for campaign, for the tracking purposes. There is also a way to optimise and customise the url using the url parameter. When someone click your ad then after clicking it click gets tracked and reflect in your google anaylitics.

Select content exclusion

Content exclusion is whereby you don’t want your ads to display.

Create ad groups

Ad group is mix of customisation. it includes the bid strategy, customer targeting and design of the advertisement.

Select audience and demorgraphic targeting

With google ads you can also choose the people you want to target. There are there options available for the targeting:

  • Custom affinity audience: affinity audiences is audience is a audience which is passionate in the intrest in your brand . Google ads find this person and targets it. In custom affinity audience you get oppportunity to design your audience. ]
  • Custom intent audience: custom intent audience is a audience where you can choose audience in the market you are dealing with.
  • Automated Intent audience: this option automatically set the audience in the market you are dealing with and people on blog of your category.

Select automated targeting

  • Contextual advertising: you must have learned in your seo lesson that are certain keyword and lingustic structure that a search engine read. Google also scan the sites in form of the keyword and gives you a matched search result. The same way the cotextual advertising matches you to the desired site when you are using this as display advertising.
  • Automated targeting: With this you gert more conversion but at a higher cost per click.
  • Aggressive targeting: The target audience is large and there is more reach but it’s the most costly offer.

Create an ad

Now is the time you can create an ad for your audience. they come in various format, shapes and sizes. You can choose from text, image, rich text and videos.

Optimizing google display

The optimisation of the google display is easy. You have choose headline, appealing image and CTA button.

a clear compelling headline

A headline should be as such, that it introduces excitement. It can be an discount offer saying 50 percent.

A visually attractive graphic/images

A media that has a beautiful display will attract more audience. I personally prefer rich text because it is visually attractive or video because it speaks a lot ion a short interval. What ever you like you can go with nut remember it should stimulate the senses.

A clear, contrasting CTA button

A contrasting cta is required to accomplish your conversion goal. If the people to find CTA button then they be converted into cash or subscribers.

Creating and managing display campaign in facebook ads

Facebook ad campaigns are three-tiered and include a campaign, ad set, and ad level.

  • Campaign: A campaign is group of ad sets directed with a unique objective.
  • Ad set: An ad set contain different ads and directed to a unique audience.
  • Ad: it is the smallest component of the campaign which has images and text graphic.

Select a campaign objective for your display ads

Setting goal before you shoot a ad gives you a step ahead. The whole idea of the facebook ad is getting organised and to be well organised youb must know the objective.

There are varied objectives of campaign:

  • Lead generation
  • Increasing viewership
  • Brand awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Product catalog
  • Store visit etc.

Select name of your campaign

Give suitable name to the campaign that will help you to remember it.

Select audience targeting

To target audience on facebook you need to just type in the demographic details of the user. These demographic detail are age, gender, location and intrest. Facebook itself will display your ad.

Select ad placement

The ads can be placed anywhere in ther facebook and and in any form if you keep to default it will display in recommended section. You can also display ads in stories which is going very popular now a days.

Budget and schedule

There are two types of budget in the facebook ad campaign —

  • Lifetime budget: the budget where you pay for long duration of the time and it’s a one time payment.it remain even for every day basis.
  • Daily budget: budget whereby you daily pay facebook for the advertisement. The budget is cheap and you pay for the shorter duration of the time. It fluctuates as per the opputunity noticed by the facebook.

Optimsing ad delivery

Optimising ad delivery option help facebook to know how you want it to target the audience. These option define your audience.


Amount that you are ready to pay for optimised ad delivery is called a bid.

It depends on two factors : –

  • Ad quality and relevance: the quality of the ads define by kind of feedback it is getting from the audience. If negative the ad value reduces but if positive then ad value increases.
  • Action rates: the action rate is a difference between how many people view and how many people got converted into cash.

There are majorly two types of bidding automated and manual.

Ad scheduling

We often like to set an activity at a certain time as and when benificial same ids the case with the ads we can launch them at a desired time for example you have made an ad and want to launch at the christmas then schedule it to christmas eve.

Delivery type

The delivery type is how you want the facebook to deliver ads. It is slotted to the two category:-

  • Standard Delivery: It is a delivery type where the money is evenly spend each and everyday.
  • Acceleration delivery: it is a delivery type where the money is aggressively spend for a shorter duration of time.

Create your ads

Create a facebook ad now, use a relevant ad format and create a copy.

Optimising facebook display ad

The facebook ad format is optimised by creating a relevant headline,choosing attractive image and a relevant call to action button.

Craft a attention grabbing head

There are various facebook ads that are your competitors on facebook. How you will stand out of the crowd, is what your headline will decide. The headine must be catchy and unique. It should have power to command attention.

Include your unique value position in ad copy

In facebook ads there is a charcter limit to put a ad copy. You must provide a oppurtunity to customer to provide to avail to a benefit or value. If value isn’t provided, then customer will have no reason to click on it .

Add a CTA button

A CTA button is a button on the button of the ad copy which should contain a relevant offer. This relevent offer should be written in action verb— for example, learn more button.

Add an eye catching image

An image to be added should generate some emotion in the viewer. It should be a little that stand out from rest of the crowd.

Optimized remarketing display ad

The remarketing display ads are the ad that are in form of a clickable graphic advertisment thatv target a person who has visited your website. An optimised remarketing display ad is an ad that has all four component of a optimised ad:

  • Catchy headline: a headline that stands out of the crowd and command immediate attention
  • Attractive image: a attractive image does a work of stopping customer
  • Creative and precise ad copy: a creative abd to the point copy that offers value to the customer
  • Relevant CTA: a appropriate call to action ensures good click through rate.

Why connecting display ads to relevant post-click experiences is important

A optimised advertisement can alone ensure your conversion is successful. It also depends on the post click experience of the user. The post-click page is the where the person lands on. it also need to be optimised.

What is a post-click experience?

It is exactly what the term say, experience after click. A post click experience is a standalone landing page where the user enters after clicking on the advertisement. The trick to optimise is add matching message. It means, ad and landing page should convey the same message.

Conversion rate 1:1

CDisplay ads campaign strategyonversion rate 1:1 is ideal rate post click shall have. This ratio is person viewed to per converted.

Display ads campaign strategy

Display ad strategy also know as sales funnel is a technique to build brand loyalty. You would have surely clicked one of the sponsored post on Instagram which might have taken to the post click experience. While having post click experience you must have accepted their cookie.

After you accept their aggressive marketing starts, you get email advertisement in your updates inbox. You will start getting updates and buying a thing.

This happen because you dropn some info at their pages whenver you click them. Even there is a dedicated software for it.

The display advertisement examples

  • A instagram sponsered story
  • Amazon banner on other websites
  • Rich text Form asking you to filllup detail in blog

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