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SEO Checklist

Getting the desired results from a website require continuous efforts in the SEO process. However, going through every single SEO process every time you upload a new article can take forever. That is where this SEO checklist comes into play that gives you a great way to improve your SEO doing the right things.

Before we start, please know that you do not need to worry about all the steps as the process varies for websites. However, this free SEO checklist covers everything you need to do in a well-organized way.

Tip: You can get the SEO checklist pdf to check it manually while following it.

Let’s start with the Setup process for your website:

Website Setup Checklist

The first section includes the factors that need to be considered at the beginning of the SEO process.

1.Setup Google Search Console

Google is the leading search engine that brings traffic to almost 98% of the websites. Leveraging this free tool from Google helps you submit a sitemap while analyzing your website performance. Additionally, you can receive the notifications and tips to improve your SEO from this tool.

It is a great tool to add to your local SEO checklist too.

2. Setup BingMaster Tools

Bing is another Search Engine that you can not afford to miss. Setting up the BingMaster Tools gives some great benefits for your website’s SEO. Additionally, you can use their free keyword research tool to know what your targeted audience is searching for.

3. Setup Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO plugins that you will ever come across. It is a complete solution that allows you to improve your SEO score while updating your blog posts. Almost every WordPress blog requires this plugin to ensure there is no missed opportunity for an extra backlink or keyword.

4. Use a Keyword Research Tool

Running a website or blog requires you to look for some keywords that describe your preferred audience. Hence, you will need to set up a keyword research tool. You can start with free tools like Google Suggest or Google Keyword planner. Additionally, the answer forums are also a great place to get some topics and keywords that people are looking for.

On Page SEO Checklist

This part of the SEO Checklist covers all the factors that you need to consider while improving your on-page SEO.

5. Optimizing URL

If you are not optimizing your website URL, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Below are the two tips to optimize the URL of your website:

  • Add the relevant keywords in the URL of every page.
  • Use a short and clear URL to make your page easily accessible by the crawlers.

6. Optimizing Title Tag

A title tag is another great place to get some extra SEO points by the search engine crawlers. However, it is just as important for humans as everyone tends to read the title first.

Below are some tips to optimize the Title Tag:

  • Add your Focus Keyword in the Title of your Blog Post.
  • Add the Title Tag Modifiers
  • Use catchy phrases in the title section

7. Optimizing the Header Tags

A post that is clearly defined with the H1, H2 and H3 tags tends to work better than the unorganized tags. You can see how we have used different tags for different headings. It helps the crawlers to make sure the content is for the users.

8. Optimizing Images

Search Engines have a separate section for the images like they have for the written content. Hence, it is a great way to get some more audience on your website through the image search option. You can optimize the images by describing them in their file names.

For Example- if you are using an image that contains an Apple, then it is better to name it Apple.png.

9. Using the Internal And External Links

Linking to the High Domain authority websites works great for your website’s SEO. Additionally, using the internal link that points to the resourceful pages of your website is a great SEO technique.

Technical SEO

This section of our checklist includes all the technical factors that affect your Website’s SEO performance. You can refer to it for off page SEO checklist too.

10. Mobile-Friendly Website

Most of the google search comes from a mobile device. Hence, you need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and offers a better interface for small screens.

11. Check the Crawl Errors

Your website can get some traffic only if the Search engine can crawl your website. Checking your Google Search Console and Bing WebMaster tools can help you identify Crawl errors. Additionally, you can use an SEO tool like Moz to automate the process.

12. Use HTTPS

Providing a secure website visit to your users is a great SEO technique. Additionally, it secures your website from potential attacks.

13. Check Broken Links

Use an SEO tool to identify the broken links of your website and replace them with the healthy ones.

14. Website Speed

Website speed is one of the most crucial factors of the rankings of your website. Use tools like PageSpeed Insights to check your website’s loading speed.


This SEO checklist is more than enough for a person to improve their website rankings. Additionally, you can get into some research to build some backlinks for your website.

So, what are you waiting for? Use this SEO checklist and start working on your website SEO performance.


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